XTILU ' is a small and cozy property in the center of the city of Oaxaca, we are characterized by an excellent warmth and quality in our care as well as our delicious breakfasts, since the second half of March 2020 we suspended the reception of guests and reservations that We had for the following months little by little they were canceled, by the time the suspension of operations was mandatory, XTILU ' already had fifteen days without receiving anyone, our team was sent home to take care of their health and thus contribute to the quarantine decreed by the government of Mexico and the state of Oaxaca.

In this time of quarantine we have learned to value one thing that as human beings we have the freedom to move at pleasure, we know that many already want to travel again and leave their homes to distract themselves, but that is not yet possible, the restrictions for hotels and lodging centers have not been removed and this continues to make it impossible for us to welcome you into our home.

One thing we can guarantee you in this time of quarantine and reflection we have improved our service and cleaning protocols because the new normality to which we will return requires us to be much more careful with the details in our rooms, new sanitation processes will be integrated into the work Of all, the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and mouth covers plus completely limit physical contact can give you the security that we do everything so that we see each other again.

As a traveler we know that you will also change your habits and you will need more information to be sure that your trip and stay in our home will be safe so never hesitate to ask us about what you need to know because together we will discover how to enjoy traveling in this new normal.

When we return we will recharge it with all this positive energy and in this new normality we will need you, we miss what we do because we like to give the service we choose as a profession of life, Oaxaca as a city depends largely on your visit as well like that of thousands more, many of us are up to date and many others have not been able to endure, but hope is what keeps us standing and inspired to receive you with open arms, the months to come will be a true Guelaguetza where its meaning will take on Strength, we will be each other supporting each other with as little or as much as we can. To do Guelaguetza is to make community.

Today more than ever stay at home because we want you for sure to see us soon.